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Our Process has Thrived for over 100 Years

Scrap Metal Sorting

Sustainably sourcing tonnage of recycled metal daily, our team meticulously sorts for value to produce the highest quality copper alloys.

Expert Metallurgy

Our Plant Metallurgist and Chief Chemist ensure every alloy we manufacture meets all critical and engineered specifications.

Cradle to Grave Sustainability

As a consumer of recycled scrap material, we work to reduce, reuse, and recycle every day. Our products, conversions, and co-products offer future generations a cleaner and healthier environment  through the reduction of waste and de-carbonization.

Today's challenges require us to collaborate with our suppliers and customers to embrace the opportunities of being inclusive of new ideas driven by de-carbonization and digital technologies supporting our essential and global infrastructure businesses. 

David Schumann, President & COO

Quality Delivered

We have changed considerably over the past 100 years, but our commitment to quality remains unwavering. Our team and the work they do everyday demonstrates our commitment to the industries that we serve.

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