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Brass & Bronze Alloys

Quality Copper Alloys Since 1917.

Best by Test.

100+ Years of Excellence

Delivering Worldwide

Induct-o-Melt Pellets

Sustainable Innovation

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We sustainably source our raw materials from recyclables and end-of-life products.

Our Customers are Everywhere


Over a Century of Experience

While embracing the past, our focus is the future. Our customer and supplier relationships span decades as a result of our commitment to high-quality and on-time service.

Our ISO 9001: 2015 certification supports our culture of continuous improvement. 

Commitment to

Our raw materials are sustainably sourced from end-of-life products. We give brass, bronze, and copper new life.

Cradle-to-Grave Sustainability

Copper Alloy Ingots and Pellet

We supply world class manufacturers with our highly engineered alloys. Our customers understand that to make the best products, they must start with the best materials.

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