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Raw Materials

As an ingot maker, we recycle millions of pounds of copper and brass scrap annually. We specialize in the purchasing, processing and remelting of all grades of coppers, brasses, bronzes and copper-nickel alloy scrap, as well as, non-ferrous foundry generated scrap metals. By offering our customers renowned laboratory and support services combined with many years of hands-on experience, we are able to carefully and accurately collect, grade, sort and analyze all forms of scrap metal. With every analysis, our laboratory team provides our customers with constructive and accurate information.

We purchase:

All Grades of Copper Phosphor Bronze Lead Power Cable
Brass Radiators Manganese Bronze Nickel Scrap
Red/Semi-Red Brass Aluminum Bronze Copper/Tin Babbitt
Hard Brass Silicon Bronzes New Copper Aluminum Radiators
Yellow Brass Nickel-Silver High metallic skims
Electrical Brass Cupro-Nickel High metallic spills
Brass Hair Wire Monel High metallic dross
Condenser Tubes Rod Brass High metallic spatters
High Grade Bronzes Brass Clip & Pipe
Tin Scrap Zinc Clips