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Induct-o-melt® Pellets

With Induct-o-melt® pellets, I. Schumann & Co. has invented a product that is revolutionizing how the brass and bronze foundry industry operates. Pellets are available in wide or long freezing range alloys. Induct-o-melt pellets offer the following benefits: 

  • Improves manufacturing productivity by optimizing your melt equipment
  • Allows control of molten bath chemistry through consistent homogeneous charge chemistry
  • Improves metal yields with lower emissions and less dross
  • Reduces man hours/ton through improved productivity
  • Fills voids created as returns are charged into coreless induction furnaces for 15% quicker melt times
  • Improves refractory life through reduction of hot spots
  • Reduces surface oxides for a cleaner melt
  • Efficiencies created with bulk storage in bins, hoppers and launders
  • Provides immediate, measurable profits
  • Developed to achieve efficiencies in your foundry, Induct-o-melt brass and bronze pellets are ideal for high-production operations with electric coreless-induction furnaces.
  • Flexible packaging options tailored to meet your needs

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